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ButterFaces a smart JSF framework

Welcome to ButterFaces, a lightweight and responsive JSF framework that combines the advantages from Bootstrap 4, jQuery 3 and HTML 5 to develop fast, easy and modern web applications using JSF 2.

Why ButterFaces

Butter is delicious

Everything is better with butter - that's why we name our framework ButterFaces.

HTML 5 features

ButterFaces bootstraps most of html input components and allows the use of most html 5 features e.g. placeholder, type, pattern and the like...

Additional features

Each input component is extended by a readonly view and has a responsive label and tooltip attributes supporting ajax and validation.

Based on Bootstrap & jQuery

Bootstraps responsive design and jQuery plugins help to build great and smart applications with being browser independent at the same time.

Minimally invasive

ButterFaces provides you with its own components without changing the main artifact. Even dependencies like bootstrap and jquery are configurable.
Easy to use

One dependency

There is only one dependency you need. Just add one jar to your project.
You can easily use maven to add ButterFaces to your application as it is available in maven central respository.
   <!-- Bootstrap 4.6.0, JQuery 3.5.1-->
   <!-- Bootstrap 4.0, JQuery 3.3.1-->
   <!-- Bootstrap 3.3.7, JQuery 2.7.1-->

No additional css and js library

ButterFaces comes up with Bootstrap and jQuery. No need to add it to your application by yourself (but of course you can).

Well documented

A detailed showcase displays each component of ButterFaces.